Winalite Anion Napkins Quantities and Pricing

Winalite Anion Napkins cost a little more but are clearly superior, including; unmatched absorbency and provide the healthy benefits of any organic napkin.

  • They are biodegradable, they break down in the landfill.
  • They contain food grade materials
  • They are free from dioxins.

Best of all, Anion Napkins contain the powerful, patented Negative Ion Strip for reduction of germs and odor - a clear winner!

Night Time Use
28.0 cm in length with wider wings. 8 Pads per foil pouch package

Day Use
24.5 cm in length with Wings. 10 Pads per foil pouch package.

15.5 cm length. 30 Pads per foil pouch package.

282 piece - Love Moon Sanitary Napkin Pack

Buy Sanitary Napkins in Bulk!

Each box contains 282 Pads

Day Use

10 packs containing 10 pads each

Overnight Use

4 packs containing 8 pads each

Pantie Liners

5 packs containing 30 pads each

Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkin Pack
Buy in Bulk!

One box will last you around 5 months - unless you just can't help sharing!

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